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So Groovy!
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

PSW - Boston Keynote

I had a ball watching the Keynote at Photoshop World Boston. I could sure tell that all the participants had a ball as well. The theme was Golden Layers awards for Phototown Music Awards! Scott Kelby and the Histograms sang up a storm.

It all started with a few words from Larry Becker to introduce Katrin Eismann and Terry White who then proceeded to do their bits with each doing the other's lines. It was Great and they did a fine job of impersonating each other.

Then Felix, Matt, Dave, Cory and Scott came out and did sosme fine, fine Phototown tunes (in the Motown way) comeplete with line dancing and arm motions all in Gold lapeled tuxes, to boot. This was done along with a story of how the group originally included Deke McClelland as lead singer without Scott. Then one day before a tour he stole the tour bus and has been touring the country ever since.

Johnny L was then introduced by Scott and he did a presentation of Adobe's new Phot0shop CS3 and CS3 Extended. This included impressive 3D rendering and compositing for panos.

There was also a very impresive display of a Research Demo of a multi GigaPixel image shot as a full 360 (stitched) pano from the top of the Prudential Tower. Incredible Close-up detail of car license plates and views through windows. Awesome imaging. The shot of Scott as the Supremes was austencibly part of that image. A Johnny L 'gotcha' on Scott Kelby.

Finaly there were some very interesting Guru awards. The Lightroom Gallery Slideshow shows the Vincent Versace award winner.

Over all a thoroughly enjoyable Keynote Segment to PhotoShop World.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Soup2Nuts Adobe Photoshop Lightroom at PSW - Boston

The first in a series of posts on my Adventures into Photoshop World - Boston 2007. Slideshow at title link above.

I worked hard to get to go to this Soup2Nuts (see post below for details of the event). It was with help from George Jardine that I finally managed to buy my tickets and go. Thank you George!

I was very glad to get to meet the people associated with the development of Lightroom pictured in the Slideshow, as well as Andrew Rodney, a stallwart of the LR User to User Forum as well as the Knolls and Shelly Katz and Katrin Eismann.

Jeff Schewe lived up to his reputation. I am also glad to have met him. :)


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