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So Groovy!

So Groovy!
Rick Maida on Bass, Jazz @ Sunset, EcoTarium, Worcester, MA. Featured on Radiant Vista's Daily Critique.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Magic Wings Conservatory & Gardens

A very fun place to visit with lots of Butterflies and moths and other exotic critters. It is in South Deerfield, MA with more info at Magic Wings. There is a restaurant and hours of watching the butterflies and kids watching them.

Don't miss the two old Blue cabooses in the farm stand lot across the street!

More at the gallery, as usual.



Kari Kujala said...

Hi! I was browsing through some colour photo examples for my new blog topic(colour:) and bumped into your photo.

Just wanted to stop for a moment to comment how fantastic I think this butterfly one is=) Nice work Don!

Don Ricklin said...

Thank you for looking, and the comment!