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So Groovy!
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Friday, February 9, 2007

In Photo Days of Yore!

I recieved this 31 year old image from my Sister today. I am using a Yashica D that I had used for a few years, loaned to me by her.

This it at "The Wall" on Hope Street in Bristol, RI on that Fourth of July day. Bristol has been celebrating the Fourth longer than any other place in the USA. The center line of the Parade Route is Permanantly painted Red, White and Blue.

I still wear the same 4 inch cresent wrench with my work clothes. This is the year ('76) when Police gassed that spot because someone through a bottle into the parade. (Remember post Vietnam. I had only been out of the service less tahn a year. My Family got gassed along with the "rioters".


Tudor Glogovetan said...

Wow ! I can't say that I too lived those days, but i very muck like the picture. The colors in particular


Tyson said...

This is an awesome picture. Just takes us back to those days of yore...